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About Me

My name is Simon Rowland, I’m the owner of Layback Engineering LTD.

I have almost 20 years experience of developing large scale software applications, and I have an MSc in Software Engineering from the University of Oxford.

I’m a conscientious, highly skilled Freelance Software Engineer with first class communication and project management skills. I use Open Source technologies and Agile project management practices to deliver reliable, scalable software that correctly satisfies pressing business needs.

I enjoy designing, implementing, deploying and maintaining all types of software project. I currently specialise in Python / Django Web Applications deployed and managed on the Amazon AWS Cloud Platform, but I have a wealth of experience in other technologies and techniques.

I live on the South coast in Worthing, and when I’m not coding, I’m probably reading a coding book, doing some DIY or walking my dog along the beach.


  Software Design

Well designed software is easier to understand, easier to maintain, cheaper to run, and quicker to develop.

Using the right software, services and a modular design from the start makes everyone’s life easier, grows with your demand, and doesn’t need an expensive rewrite when your customer base starts growing.

  Software Development

Writing top quality code that forms the building blocks of Web Applications is my day job.

Whether it’s a shell script to automate some back ups or a fully featured Web Application running in the cloud with all the bells and whistles, I have a wealth of experience in creating quality code that works and is easy to maintain.

  Debugging / Bug Fixing

Having worked on so many different code applications over the years, I have become a dab hand at hunting down and fixing bugs, no matter what part of the application or environment they are in.

I have successfully diagnosed and fixed bugs, memory leaks, performance issues and problems in many many different languages.

  Cloud Deployment

I’m a Certified Amazon Web Services Solutions Architect. To achieve this, Amazon require you to demonstrate knowledge of all their Cloud products, and show that you know when to correctly apply them.

I have very strong knowledge of how to best use Cloud resources to manage and deploy your application with minimum cost, and maximum capabilities.

  Friendly Advice

LBE is a local business, and I’m really happy to help out others in my network with a no-strings piece of advice or a good chat about the pitfalls and benefits of a problem you’re trying to solve.

I definitely do not subscribe to the theory that everything has to end in a sale or engagement, and I’m definitely not an aggressive salesman!

  Code Analysis

I’ve primarily worked as a lead developer, and have inherited a tonne of code projects through my career. This, along with my own time spent coding and learning, has equipped to quickly analyse and assess existing code bases.

I’m able to assess, patch, and extend existing systems with ease. Or simply look through them and recommend areas for improvement, as well as (hopefully) commending the parts that are done well.



I have a very broad range of experience, and have worked with prestigious companies such as the BBC, IBM, and Linden Lab, the makers of Second Life®.

I have worked on diverse projects from Java Virtual Machines, to Ruby-on-Rails Web Applications, to my speciality, Python and Django Web Applications.

Full details of the projects I have worked on, and skills I have are available on LinkedIn .


I studied at the University of Oxford, and was awarded my MSc in Software Engineering with a distinction in 2008.

My course gave me a great insight into the practices required to achieve reliable, scalable, well engineered software systems.


I’m highly analytical, and pride myself in my ability to listen to my customers needs and work out how best they can be solved.

I firmly believe in simplicity, and that building a complex solution from clearly defined, simple building blocks is the key to software that works and can be maintained.

I’m conscientious and driven, and have worked as a contractor, business owner or freelancer for 6 years. During this time, I have had a lot of experience of every stage of delivering, running and maintaining successful software projects.


Why not drop me a mail and we can arrange a call or a meeting to talk about your project?

  07702 597 947

My normal working hours are 9am to 6pm BST.

If I’m completely focussed on a tricky technical task, just leave your details on the answerphone and I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m free.


Nothing beats waving your arms, sketching ideas and pointing to the thing on the screen you are discussing.

I’m a firm believer in face-to-face communication, so if you’re somewhere on the South Coast, how about we meet for a coffee to discuss your project?